Judged by Marissa Farrar


Back in the house where we grew up, my sister Nicole and I need to protect ourselves. With angry Mafia members on my hands, I have to show I’m someone to be feared and respected, not the rat they have me tagged as.
Proving X’s innocence and getting him out of jail is my priority, but people are trying to thwart us from every angle.
When the worst possible news sends our lives into a spin, I have to turn my attention from the man I love, and try to finish the one I hate most in this world…

The outside world is a dangerous place, but being locked inside the walls of jail could prove to be deadly. Allegiances are won and lost, and when gang members discover Vee’s identity, I fear for both her safety and my own.
But getting out of here might not mean the end of it. Dangers lie in wait for us on the outside as well, and when an old foe raises his head, we’re plunged into our worst nightmare.
Will we lose the thing most important to us… our child?

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WOW what a conclusion to this fantasic Mercenary series.It did not dissappoint and kept me hook in this action packed fouth book all the way through.I am sad that this has come to a end as i loved all four books,but you know what the saying is *all good book come to a end*,well this is true.

There was so many twist and turns throughout this last book, that it had me on the edge of my seat woundering what obsticles were going to happen next to stop these two characters that love each other from getting there HEA.

X is put through hell waiting on remand, and just staying alive is a acheivment to someone like X’s character as he just wants to see his family together.Vee has a race against time to prove X’s innocent before the Mafia close in to see this dosen’t happen.

Marissa definitely put X and Vee through the wringer with this last book and the story moved along at a fast pace with the need to know how it was all going to end.These two characters will stay in your head for along while as Marissa gets you into the Mafia world that she has created, and keeps you hooked until the very end and what a explosive ending this was that left me reeling and heartbroken that i never saw coming.

This series is a must for all you that love fast paced Mafia Romance books, X is a Hot hero male with Vee being a very strong kickass heroine and this is one of the best Mafia Romance series have read in a very long time,highly recommended.


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