Losing Game by Tracie Delany


Cash and Tally return in Losing Game, the second novel in The Winning Ace Series

Can love overcome betrayal—or are some things broken beyond repair?

Too hurt to look into who might have sent photos of Cash Gallagher kissing another woman, Tally McKenzie flees to a secret hideout in Brighton and tries to forget her lover.

Stubborn to the last, Cash tracks Tally down and wins her back by confessing his darkest secret. Now he can only hope his demons don’t become headline news and threaten his role as the reigning bad boy of centre court.

Can Cash and Tally’s deepening relationship survive all the challenges, or is the hot tennis ace about to discover that the prospect of losing his precious career is the least of his woes?

*Please note this novel is written in British English and includes British idioms.

Losing Game is the second novel in the Winning Ace series. To have the best reading experience, the books are best read in order



These are just three words to discribe the second book ‘Losing Game’ in this trilogy by new author Tracie Deleaney,it was enthralling and the best book in so far that it kept my attention throughout where i struggled to put it down.And to think i was nervous starting this triogy from new Author Tracie, well i needed have worried as i am loving this story.

This had me gripped right from the off and drew me in with Cash wooing Tally again as he needed to get his secret out for them to get back on track, and wow what a huge secret it was, life changing if this ever got out to the public, but it was also heartbreaking for Cash.

There was a lot of banter ,laughter and romance along the way between Cash and Tally throughout this book even though Cash was having a few problems in his Tennis game where he needed alot of extra training, but nothing he couldn’t handle.

I was loving the romance between these two even when the bomshell that was his secret had to come out to the press,but for his adoring fans to back him all the way, they got through this and came out the other side with lots of up’s and down’s along the way.

Tracie put me through the ringer as the emotions that she got me feeling was agonising, as i even threw this book down and couldn’t pick it back up for awhile, until i got myself under control  then picked this back up to read on.Wow you definitly put me through lots of emotions,heartbreak with twists and turns,i didn’t want this book to end,your thrilling writting had me hooked on every page right up until the end.

Dam you lady you can be a crule Author but i wouldn’t want it any other way,you have now left me hanging wanting and needing to find out what happens in the last book of this amazing,awesome trilogy that is Winning Ace.

This second book is a must read for lovers of sport romance,i am a avid reader of lots of books from thrillers to romance,to get me gripped in a series wanting more does not happen to often,so if i tell you this book has it all right from the start and has left me bereft wanting lots more tells you alot about this author Tracie Delaney.A must read.


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