Blood Laws by Lexi C. Foss


The lines between charade and reality blur as a dark romance brews between two unlikely soulmates…

Stas isn’t your average human. She can bend others to her will, a psychic talent she’s kept hidden since the brutal murder of her parents.

Issac isn’t human at all. He’s an immortal masquerading as one of New York City’s hottest bachelors while secretly seeking revenge against a former ally.

A fateful meeting ends in a seductive proposition: He’ll teach her more about her gifts if she agrees to play girlfriend to his billionaire persona. As their lives intertwine, secrets are exposed and passion ignites. It’s a bond built to last a lifetime, if they’re willing to risk everything to protect it.


I do love a good dark PNR book as it is my favourite genre so when i was told about this book it ticked all the boxes for me,and as some of my friends put me onto this new Author Lexi C Foss i was intrigued, so i got comfy and started to devour this book.

Wow to say i loved this book is a understatment as the book flowed along at a fabulous pace where it kept me glued from page one till the very end about Stas and Issac’s story.

Stas has lost a very good friend in Owen unbeknowing to her he was a Hydrian,which is the start of how this leads her into the world of Ichorian’s and Hydrian’s.Stas is a Hydrian and Issac is a Ichorian which are motal enimies, but the attraction between these two they can’t deny, even though it is desined not to last.

I loved Stas and Issac characters and the chemistry that they shared,there was plenty of hot steamy sex throughout this book which i liked, plus Stas has lots of secrets from her past that she has yet to reveal,which i can’t wait to find out what it all means.

This was a different paranormal book from the ones i usually read but Lexi is very clever as she got me hooked plus got me sucked into this world of different species, where there are hot immortals that i will want to read about in her future books in this series.There are quite a few hot paranormal males throught this story which i now can’t wait for there story’s to unfold.

This storyline had me totally hooked as i know there is alot more that we need to find out and what a ending this was, i never saw that coming which leads to the next book and it left me wanting more from this fabulous Author and what she has instore for us readers,she is a very clever lady.I am so glad i don’t have to long to wait for the next installment.


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