Torn by Carian Cole


He’s loved me since the day I was born.
He’s taken care of me.
He’s awakened me.

Tor. My father’s best friend.
Fifteen years older than me, he’s always been my protector.
The one I should never, ever want.
But I was born to be his.

She’s always loved me.
She’s shattered me.
She’s healed me.

Kenzi. My best friend’s daughter.
I held her the day she was born, and I never let go.
She’s forbidden to me. But she’s the only one that really gets me.
We’re slowly being torn apart by everything we love.
Everything we want.
Everything we desire.

And now I want the one thing I can’t have… I want her.


Absolutley Fantasic.

I was recommended this book by a friend of mine as we like very simular books, and i hadn’t read any from this Author before so after reading the blurb it got me intrigued, as this is not my preferred genre to read but i took the chance and downloaded this first book in the series.

Wow what can i say say this book blew me away with the fantasic story about two people Toren and Kenzi that had spent there whole life together since Tor was 15 and Kenzi a baby.What a story this was i couldn’t put it down and devoured this in 24 hours as it flowed at a steady pace where we got to know and feel the chemistry thats between Toren and Kenzi.

It tells the story of how this came about through being together from a young age,and forming a loving freindship that devoloped into a beautiful love that is forbidden for them both.Family loyalty and friendships are put to the test in this romantic journey between two beautiful characters.This was a passionate and emotional ride that was captivating and intense the more you get into there story.

I was routing for this pair all the way through with the beautiful connection they had which was the sweetiest i have read in a very long time,i was in tears near the end hoping, no WANTING them to have there HEA.I thoughly loved this book and if you are a romantic this is definity a book you should pick up.

Calico by Callie Hart



Twelve years ago, I ran to stay alive. 

Port Royal, South Carolina, was my home. I was born there. I fell in love there. And I nearly died there. I never thought I’d go back. Now, after so many years, I have to return to bury the man who made my life a living hell. Some nights, I used to cry myself to sleep, praying my father would die. Other nights were different. Other nights, there was him.

Callan Cross.

My first confidante. My first kiss. My first love. My first everything: Callan was the glue that held me together when everything else was falling apart. He was my savior. He was there for me whenever I needed him…

Until he wasn’t.

Every night, I’ve seen the love of my life in my sleep.
I just never thought I’d have to face him again.


Twelve years ago, I f*#@ed up big time.

Living life through a camera lens is sometimes easier than dealing with it head on. Scratch that. It’s always easier. For over a decade, I’ve been a master of my art, taking photographs all over the world. Yet despite all of the countries I’ve visited, the amazing things I’ve seen, the beautiful women I’ve screwed, my heart has remained in pieces.

Coralie’s the only woman I’ve ever loved, will ever love. And I’m determined to show her that we’re meant to be together. Even if it means unearthing the bones of the past in the process.

A lifetime and a thousand miles have stood between us.
Now, there’s no length of time I won’t wait, no distance I won’t travel, in order to make her mine.


Emotional,Heartbreaking and Raw.

I love all Callie Hart’s books and when i read the blurb of this book i was hooked, this did not dissappoint at all it was a raw,heartbreaking and emotional book that tore two people apart for twelve long years.

Coralie ran from her home life in South Carolina leaving her abusive father plus the love of her life Callam Cross behind,she has no choice but to run as she had to for her sanity and her life.But leaving behind the love of her life was not a easy decision and it nearly destroyed her.She is back though for her fathers funeral which she is not looking forward to and wants it to be over quick so she can get back to her life in Califorina.

Callam is back though as well as he wants to spit on the grave of Coralie’s father the man he hated,little knowing the extent of the absuse that Colalie suffered and what realy happened all those years ago.Coralie has a big secret that she can never tell Callam as it would destroy him all over again,so is keeping this close to her heart and keeping Callam at arms length for his own good,but nothing ever goes to plan.I fell in love with both these characters,Callam is strong and very sexy you just can’t help but love him.

This book was very emotional with plenty of angst with some really heartbreaking moments.The abuse that Coralie suffered from the one man that is supposed to love you unconditional and keep you safe is shocking,she has built lots of walls around herself and Callam has it all on to break these down bit by bit.

This is a emotional love story which Callie Hart has written beautifully that keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens between Callam and Coralie,i counldn’t put this book down as it broke my heart and i was blown away with all the heartache that these two characters had to go through,and yes i cried big fat ugly tears along the way.

This book is a beautiful love story of second chances that no matter what,love can conquer even the biggest serects,this story will stay with me along time.

Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett


Would you live a lie to hold onto the one you love?

Dean and Jason are best friends, like brothers since boyhood, now architecture students and college roommates. They’ve always had each other’s back, but when one walks in on the other with another man, everything changes. How do you explain to your best friend that he’s the one you’ve always wanted, that until now your life has been a lie?

Desperation and shame are two dirty words that run through Jason’s veins. He carries the scars from a wayward priest who stole his innocence and left him shattered. Meanwhile for years he’s watched Dean pursuing woman after woman, as his own heart slowly breaks.

When their world blows apart, they learn the powerful bond between them has more fire than either understood. Can two broken souls find the light in their darkness and come together to make a whole, or will sins of the past be forever unforgiven?

***This standalone is a M/M love story with graphic sex. Trigger warning.


Emotional Hot Hot Hot read.

OMG still coming down from reading this book,this is my first M/M book read and from this Author also,its not my genre i normally read,but reading the blurb it was hot so i thought i would give this a go and WOW so glad i did,what a raw emotional hot hot hot book this was,it was a rollocoaster of a journey for Dean and Jason (JJ).

Dean and Jason are best friends from a very young age,they are at college together and share a flat together,they play hard and party harder so when Dean catches Jason with a guy it rocks his world and he can’t come to terms with his bestie being gay.This book had me hooked from the begining with the amazing story about two friends and how they coped with one being guy.

Jason had a abusive past from a priest that had me reeling with what happened to him at a young age,but Dean’s compassion for his friend helped Jason through his problems.This is a strong story about who you fall in love with,which is not always who you think that is going to be.

This story was Intense,emotional and one of the most passionate books i have read in along time,there was alot of nail biting hot sex between Dean and JJ that had me hooked all the way through till the end.I was fasinated with these two characters and Ruth puts you through the wringer with this story,and dosen’t let you go until the very end.

I loved Ruth’s writting and how she got me hooked into Dean and JJ’s world, i am a emotional reck after finishing this book in one go as couldn’t put this down until i had devoured it whole,i am simply blown away.

Scandalous by L.J. Shen



A taboo standalone.
She is eighteen.
He is thirty-three.
She is angry.
He is desperate to save his daughter.
She promised she will never get attached.
And he…he already owns a piece of her heart, and he didn’t even ask for it.

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Judged by Marissa Farrar


Back in the house where we grew up, my sister Nicole and I need to protect ourselves. With angry Mafia members on my hands, I have to show I’m someone to be feared and respected, not the rat they have me tagged as.
Proving X’s innocence and getting him out of jail is my priority, but people are trying to thwart us from every angle.
When the worst possible news sends our lives into a spin, I have to turn my attention from the man I love, and try to finish the one I hate most in this world…

The outside world is a dangerous place, but being locked inside the walls of jail could prove to be deadly. Allegiances are won and lost, and when gang members discover Vee’s identity, I fear for both her safety and my own.
But getting out of here might not mean the end of it. Dangers lie in wait for us on the outside as well, and when an old foe raises his head, we’re plunged into our worst nightmare.
Will we lose the thing most important to us… our child?

Get the fourth and final book in The Mercenary Series! Pre-order now!


WOW what a conclusion to this fantasic Mercenary series.It did not dissappoint and kept me hook in this action packed fouth book all the way through.I am sad that this has come to a end as i loved all four books,but you know what the saying is *all good book come to a end*,well this is true.

There was so many twist and turns throughout this last book, that it had me on the edge of my seat woundering what obsticles were going to happen next to stop these two characters that love each other from getting there HEA.

X is put through hell waiting on remand, and just staying alive is a acheivment to someone like X’s character as he just wants to see his family together.Vee has a race against time to prove X’s innocent before the Mafia close in to see this dosen’t happen.

Marissa definitely put X and Vee through the wringer with this last book and the story moved along at a fast pace with the need to know how it was all going to end.These two characters will stay in your head for along while as Marissa gets you into the Mafia world that she has created, and keeps you hooked until the very end and what a explosive ending this was that left me reeling and heartbroken that i never saw coming.

This series is a must for all you that love fast paced Mafia Romance books, X is a Hot hero male with Vee being a very strong kickass heroine and this is one of the best Mafia Romance series have read in a very long time,highly recommended.

Forbidden Bonds by Lexi C Foss


Exile never felt so good. . .

Tom’s a trained sniper, not a babysitter. He kills rogue immortals for a living, but after releasing classified information to a friend, he’s banished to a remote location with the CRF’s most prized asset.

Can two tortured souls find solace and love in one another?

Secrets unfold as Tom forms a forbidden relationship with his new charge. The immortal woman evokes memories and feelings long forgotten, and forces him to question everything he’s ever known.

Sacrifices must be made.

A rash decision sends them both running for their lives as immortal enemies vie for their heads.

Some bonds are meant to be broken.


Lexi you clever lady WOW this series is just getting better and better,i loved this book even more that the first (if that’s possible).This book has plenty of action,passion,and tension that had me hooked again right from the off.Lexi knows how to get us readers hooked into the paranormal world again where you fall and fall hard for the charaters as this book flowed along at a fabulous pace with Tom and Amelia’s story.

I must admit Tom wasn’t one of my favourite charaters in Blood Laws but then this is what i think Lexi wanted,she is a crafy lady to portray Tom that way to then in this book turn that around,i loved him in this story.

Tom was sent to babysit Amelia as a punishment,it was never going to work out the way his Ichorian father wanted as the more time these pair spent together the closer they became.I loved how Tom’s character blossomed the more into this story we read,we get to find out his chequered past that made him the man he is,and he is one HOT male that ticked all my boxes.

Amelia has suffered horribly at the hands of Tom’s father for six years and had to go through alot of difficult scenes but she comes out a stronger person which is down to Tom helping her to defend herself.

Lexi C Foss is one clever lady as she got me sucked back into this immortal world where there is more i want and need to know, i couldn’t put this book down,as it kept me engaged until the very last page and these characters are still in my head now a week after reading this book.I now can’t wait for the next book in this awesome series but i must admit i am really looking forwards to the SEXY B’s Balthazer book to be out,but i know its not to be ‘yet’…..Crafy lady keeping us in suspense.


Absolute Surrender by Georgia Lyn Hunter


Born in the flames of Heaven’s wrath, he’s all things sinful and too dangerous to love.

An immortal Guardian of the human race, Aethan has walked alone for millennia, trapped in a hell of his own. Until a feisty mortal crosses his path. A female he shouldn’t even look at, one who shakes the precarious foundations of all that he is, and one who’s determined to walk the edge of danger.

All her life, Echo Carter wanted “normal”, an impossible feat given that she can see demons. Drawn back to the alleys of New York, she’s determined to hunt down the one responsible for the death of her friend. And no man, no matter how sexy, will stop her. Until she discovers a horrifying truth about herself, forcing her to turn to the one man she should avoid. Aethan.

But when two stubborn wills collide, a dangerous passion ignites…

As evil closes in, Aethan has to overcome his darkest fears and claim Echo as his. If he doesn’t, he just could lose her to a far more sinister fate…


This is my first book from author Georgia Lyn Hunter and straight away she drew me into her world with Demon’s and Angel’s.I do like this kind a genre which i love reading so after a confusing start which was only a few pages, i got stuck in.

Aethan is a immortal Guardian who has lived for over three thousand years and his sole mission is to protect the inocent humans from Demonlis.
Echo Carter has abitities that sets her apart from others but she only wants to be normal.She lost her best friend five years ago who was killed by a Demonlis,this has been Echo’s sole mission to track this Demonlis down and kill him.

Aethan first meets Echo whilst patrolling the streets looking for any Demonlis to kill on his night shift when he stubbles into Echo fighting a demonlis that got away from him by sheer luck,and straight away there is a attraction between them that neither has time for or wants.
Echo is a feisty woman with a absive past who takes no crap from Aethan, who is a sexy badass alpha male with anger issues from his past.There worlds collide with sexual tension between them that they just can’t ignore.

This is a paranormal, action packed first book that puts two unlikley strong characters together,Echo is no timid heroine but when she finds out what she is she turns to Aethan for his help.Aethan is domineering and wants to keep Echo under lock and key to keep her safe as she is only human and could get herself killed which would totally destroy him,but Echo is not happy with this arrangment and lets him know.

Aethan and Echo’s journey to there HEA is not a smooth path but one with lots of action,obstacles, romance and tears along the way before they can find if they are to be together.I loved the other different characters in this book and i now can’t wait for there story’s next in this series with Demon’s and Angels.

Losing Game by Tracie Delany


Cash and Tally return in Losing Game, the second novel in The Winning Ace Series

Can love overcome betrayal—or are some things broken beyond repair?

Too hurt to look into who might have sent photos of Cash Gallagher kissing another woman, Tally McKenzie flees to a secret hideout in Brighton and tries to forget her lover.

Stubborn to the last, Cash tracks Tally down and wins her back by confessing his darkest secret. Now he can only hope his demons don’t become headline news and threaten his role as the reigning bad boy of centre court.

Can Cash and Tally’s deepening relationship survive all the challenges, or is the hot tennis ace about to discover that the prospect of losing his precious career is the least of his woes?

*Please note this novel is written in British English and includes British idioms.

Losing Game is the second novel in the Winning Ace series. To have the best reading experience, the books are best read in order



These are just three words to discribe the second book ‘Losing Game’ in this trilogy by new author Tracie Deleaney,it was enthralling and the best book in so far that it kept my attention throughout where i struggled to put it down.And to think i was nervous starting this triogy from new Author Tracie, well i needed have worried as i am loving this story.

This had me gripped right from the off and drew me in with Cash wooing Tally again as he needed to get his secret out for them to get back on track, and wow what a huge secret it was, life changing if this ever got out to the public, but it was also heartbreaking for Cash.

There was a lot of banter ,laughter and romance along the way between Cash and Tally throughout this book even though Cash was having a few problems in his Tennis game where he needed alot of extra training, but nothing he couldn’t handle.

I was loving the romance between these two even when the bomshell that was his secret had to come out to the press,but for his adoring fans to back him all the way, they got through this and came out the other side with lots of up’s and down’s along the way.

Tracie put me through the ringer as the emotions that she got me feeling was agonising, as i even threw this book down and couldn’t pick it back up for awhile, until i got myself under control  then picked this back up to read on.Wow you definitly put me through lots of emotions,heartbreak with twists and turns,i didn’t want this book to end,your thrilling writting had me hooked on every page right up until the end.

Dam you lady you can be a crule Author but i wouldn’t want it any other way,you have now left me hanging wanting and needing to find out what happens in the last book of this amazing,awesome trilogy that is Winning Ace.

This second book is a must read for lovers of sport romance,i am a avid reader of lots of books from thrillers to romance,to get me gripped in a series wanting more does not happen to often,so if i tell you this book has it all right from the start and has left me bereft wanting lots more tells you alot about this author Tracie Delaney.A must read.

Blood Laws by Lexi C. Foss


The lines between charade and reality blur as a dark romance brews between two unlikely soulmates…

Stas isn’t your average human. She can bend others to her will, a psychic talent she’s kept hidden since the brutal murder of her parents.

Issac isn’t human at all. He’s an immortal masquerading as one of New York City’s hottest bachelors while secretly seeking revenge against a former ally.

A fateful meeting ends in a seductive proposition: He’ll teach her more about her gifts if she agrees to play girlfriend to his billionaire persona. As their lives intertwine, secrets are exposed and passion ignites. It’s a bond built to last a lifetime, if they’re willing to risk everything to protect it.


I do love a good dark PNR book as it is my favourite genre so when i was told about this book it ticked all the boxes for me,and as some of my friends put me onto this new Author Lexi C Foss i was intrigued, so i got comfy and started to devour this book.

Wow to say i loved this book is a understatment as the book flowed along at a fabulous pace where it kept me glued from page one till the very end about Stas and Issac’s story.

Stas has lost a very good friend in Owen unbeknowing to her he was a Hydrian,which is the start of how this leads her into the world of Ichorian’s and Hydrian’s.Stas is a Hydrian and Issac is a Ichorian which are motal enimies, but the attraction between these two they can’t deny, even though it is desined not to last.

I loved Stas and Issac characters and the chemistry that they shared,there was plenty of hot steamy sex throughout this book which i liked, plus Stas has lots of secrets from her past that she has yet to reveal,which i can’t wait to find out what it all means.

This was a different paranormal book from the ones i usually read but Lexi is very clever as she got me hooked plus got me sucked into this world of different species, where there are hot immortals that i will want to read about in her future books in this series.There are quite a few hot paranormal males throught this story which i now can’t wait for there story’s to unfold.

This storyline had me totally hooked as i know there is alot more that we need to find out and what a ending this was, i never saw that coming which leads to the next book and it left me wanting more from this fabulous Author and what she has instore for us readers,she is a very clever lady.I am so glad i don’t have to long to wait for the next installment.

Captive in the dark,Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts


Caleb is a man with a singular interest in revenge. Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power-hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. For twelve years he has immersed himself in the world of pleasure slaves searching for the one man he holds ultimately responsible. Finally, the architect of his suffering has emerged with a new identity, but not a new nature. If Caleb is to get close enough to strike, he must become the very thing he abhors and kidnap a beautiful girl to train her to be all that he once was.

Eighteen-year-old Olivia Ruiz has just woken up in a strange place. Blindfolded and bound, there is only a calm male voice to welcome her. His name is Caleb, though he demands to be called Master. Olivia is young, beautiful, naïve and willful to a fault. She has a dark sensuality that cannot be hidden or denied, though she tries to accomplish both. Although she is frightened by the strong, sadistic, and arrogant man who holds her prisoner, what keeps Olivia awake in the dark is her unwelcome attraction to him.

WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence.



I love a dark book i can get my teeth into but even i found this difficult to read at times,as this story was brutal,harsh and down right vile in parts but the pure brilliance of this Auther captivates you with the sheer magnitude of what can happen to make you the person you are and keeps you gripped in this story and how it unfolds.

Oliver is a ordinary 18 year old girl going about her mundane life, she has no one special in her life untill she is plunged into a darkness that will change her forever,her life as she knew will be gone.
Caleb is her abductor a man that has no morals and all he wants is revenge and Oliver (livvie) is the end prise after he has trainer her in the art of slavery.

This story is about these two characters and how Caleb gets to kidnapp Livvie and keep her looked up to train her how to become a slave for the very people that helped him get out of slavery in his younger years.

We should hate everything he stands for but as its Livvie telling the story you get to find out the person Caleb is and god forbid you grow to understand him even though he is dispicable,i started to warm to this character even though i wanted to hate him.

This was genius and brave of this author to take on a topic as dark and disturbed as this and getting us the reader liking the abductor at the end where i needed to find out how it all unfolded in the next book.Pure genius.


Seduced in the Dark
What is the price of redemption?

Rescued from sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer, Caleb carries the weight of a debt that must be paid in blood.

The road has been long and fraught with uncertainty, but for Caleb and Livvie, it’s all coming to an end.

Can he surrender the woman he loves for the sake of vengeance?

Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice?



If i loved the first book this book totally blew me away as it draws you back in to what happened with Caleb and Levvie’s story.You get an insight into Caleb’s past and what he went through to make him the man he was,he had a brutal upbringing which neally killed him.
I have never quite read anything like this before, it felt like it was someone’s true story with these two compelling characters.It was hard to put down as it was a rollocoaster of a book as there was so many twists that i never saw coming the more i got into the story.

Caleb is such a tormented man,unpredictable as to what he is thinking and feeling most of the time,but he starts to warm towards Levvie and you see a softer side to him,you just wanted the ending to be good for her.
They are on the road to another location after three and a half weeks together,they are staying at a house owned by one of Rafiq’s business partners and this is where Levvie meets Rafiq (Caleb’s mentor and boss) for the first time.Rafiq is the one that got Caleb out of slavery when he was only 14 so he feels like he owes Rafiq everything.

Levvie is a strong character but i felt for what she had to go through at this house with the monsters that lived and visited here for cruel pleasure.There is a lot of erotic sex that had me cringing for what she had to do for the pleasure of others,but the feelings that she was developing for Caleb her abductor was boarding on love.You grow to feel for Caleb and end up liking him, as sick as that sounds as he comes good in the end for Levvie.He tries to right all his wrongs when he finds out how and why he got to be where he was,it was very emotional for him.

The ending was not how i visualised it to be and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for this to be the ending i wanted.
CJ Roberts has amazing imagination as this series has keep me on the edge throughout these two books.She is pure genius.